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Nos serres sous l’oeil du photographe Philip Frowein

Written by : Phillip Frowein
Fotografie: Phillip Frowein et Anna Kaminsky (stylisme)

Philip Frowein est un photographe allemand/suédois basé à Zurich et à Constance. Il a obtenu un baccalauréat en photographie de l’Université des sciences appliquées de Bielefeld pour son travail „Blind Alley“ et un „Master of Fine Arts“ de l’Université des arts pour son travail „Hollow Grounds – Volumes Rising“. Il se concentre sur les portraits, les reportages et les natures mortes.

I was assigned to take pictures for an article about Niels and his work for NZZ Stil magazine. So on some sunny October day Anna Kaminsky, who wrote the article, and me travelled together to Nyon to spend a wonderful day with Niels on his farm.
I had no idea of Niels‘ work until Anton Erni, the picture editor of NZZ Stil magazine contacted me. All the communication Anna took care of. So for me it was more of a blind date with Niels. (Maybe you wanna leave this away since it‘s already answered in the first question)
I found it really beautiful to see how much passion and effort Niels puts into his work. Him having left behind a life with a safe job and all its benefits in order to focus on what he loves I found really admirable.