Mini Yellow and Red Dried Tomatoes

CHF 8.40

Our mini yellow and red sundried tomatoes are both delicious and very aesthetic. Their rich, fruity flavors will continue to bring you sunshine outside of the fresh tomato season.
bio suisse demeter


Under our tunnel the summer temperature is ideal for growing tomatoes; we have chosen to produce yellow and red cherry tomatoes, classic heirloom varieties that offer yellow and red mini-petals, very fragrant and rich in flavor.
You can rehydrate them by putting them in a jar with olive oil and herbs or in a gourmet sauce for your pasta when it is no longer the season for fresh tomatoes. We appreciate them rehydrated in white wine just heated for a few minutes, drained well and served as an aperitif or with raclette.
Confection of approx. 50g
Store in a dry place away from light.

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