Infusion Ultraviolet

CHF 15.80

Blackberry dominates in this very original infusion, like a trip back in time to rediscover childhood flavors with the smells of grandma’s vegetable garden.
bio suisse demeter


Composition: blackberry leaves, pear leaves, blackcurrant leaves, lemon leaves, cornflower, mallow flowers, rose petals, black rosehips, blackberries.
Infuse 5-7 minutes in 90C water, we appreciate a longer infusion up to 9-10 minutes to take advantage of all the dried fruits which take longer to diffuse their magical aromas.
Black fruits bring our gourmet with a purple color in your infusion.
100% of our Swiss production / 100% local / 100% organic.
Confection of approx. 30g
Store in a dry place away from light.