Infusion Exotique

CHF 15.80

Travel to the tropics with flavors of mango, passion and peach thanks to the fruits and aromatic herbs cultivated with us on the farm.
bio suisse demeter


Composition: yellow peaches, marigold passion, babaco papaya, combawa leaves, mandarin leaves, lime leaves, bougainvillea flowers, rose petals, lemon balm, tangerine shards

Infuse 5-7 minutes in 90C water, we appreciate a longer infusion up to 9-10 minutes to take advantage of all the dried fruits which take longer to diffuse their magical aromas.

The well infused yellow and orange fruits bring a disconcerting exoticism, marked by the flavors of passion and mango of marigold passion.

100% of our Swiss production / 100% local / 100% organic

Confection of approx. 20g

Store in a dry place away from light.