Marmalades: Yuzu marmalade with vanilla from Madagascar or/ Citron with vanilla from Mexico

Yuzu marmalade with vanilla from Madagascar The Bourbon vanilla of Madagascar, one of the most concentrated in vanillin, brings roundness to this marmalade which magnificently expresses candied flavors of yuzu. The texture is like a jelly with fine pieces of candied yuzu. Ideal with hard cheeses or to stuff macarons with white chocolate ganache or on a pannacotta.

Citron marmalade with Mexican vanilla, This marmalade of citron is silky in the mouth, fruity with a soft bitterness. The Mexican vanilla less powerful than its sister of Madagascar, brings, on the other hand, some original coffee and cocoa notes. Absolutely marvelous with goat blue cheeses or with a lamb rack à la Provençal.

225 GR and 160 GR