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n addition to its domestic production in Switzerland and to meet the very strong demand, NIELS RODIN® is now offering citrus imported from carefully selected producers. These conform to precise specifications which include environmentally-friendly organic or responsible farming of unwaxed, untreated fruit that is not chemically engineered, is picked when perfectly ripe and distributed as fast as possible. It is thanks to complex logistics that this label of quality unique in Switzerland can be guaranteed with ungraded, healthy, sun-kissed fruit that has been subjected to little or no storage. This natural fruit is thus a little more delicate and has a shorter shelf life. In exchange for this small concession, the consumer is given healthy, authentic, tasty fruit bursting with vitamins.

Our few certified producers work on human-sized farms that are family run. They are located in Portugal, Italy, France, Corsica and Spain.

Our supply is aimed at both the private and professional sectors. The selection of varieties is constantly being developed according to the seasons and availability. Citrus is essentially winter fruit, or spring for a small range. The majority of citrus varieties have a very short picking period – sometimes lasting just two to three weeks. Certain varieties such as citrons and grapefruit can remain on the plant for longer without any loss of quality. We do not import fruit from the southern hemisphere or exotic countries in summer when no European citrus is available.

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